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PC Recycling solutions for small businesses. A warehouse scene showing a large stack of black and silver desktop computer towers organized in a neat, grid-like pattern. Orange traffic cones are placed in front of the stack, and various other items are visible in the background, including shelving and equipment

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Recycling solutions for small businesses. There are many good reasons to recycle or reuse old electronics, instead of sending them to landfills.
Conserves natural resources – Valuable material can be recovered from old electronics, and these materials can be used to make new products. For example, precious metals are used in computer circuit boards and other electronic components, and of course glass and plastics are used for TV and computer monitors. Recycling these products reduces the need to mine the earth for new raw materials.

Supports the community- Donating your old electronics supports schools, low-income families, and non-profit agencies by providing them with refurbished computers, cell phones, and other electronics. Individuals are helped by being able to access technology that they could not otherwise afford.
Creates jobs locally – As demand for electronics recycling grows, new businesses will be forming and existing companies will be looking to hire more people to staff their facilities to recover recyclable materials (more than 90% of electronic equipment is recyclable!).

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