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MANAGED IT SERVICES HOUSTON Ensures your IT systems operate at peak performance

Managed IT Services

We provide top-tier managed IT services throughout Houston, Katy, The Woodlands, and nearby areas. Focus on your business operations and let us skillfully manage all your technology needs.

Cyber Security

In the shadows, cybercriminals tirelessly plot to undermine your company’s financial health. Your employees stand as the first—and often most vulnerable—barrier against these relentless assaults on your digital integrity.

Cloud Setup

The managed service solution, and among the more strategic cloud computing projects, may be cloud services with Azure: Microsoft’s public cloud computing platform that offers various features you won't find anywhere else

Digital Marketing

Enhance your brand and connect with key decision-makers. To effectively reach your target audiences, partner with anIT marketing agency that specializes in the cloud and IT services sector and grasps its intricate

Are you tired of dealing with IT service providers who are impossible to reach, won’t follow through, can’t fix things right, and nickel-and-dime you for everything they do? If so, give us a call!
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Microsoft 365

Including and maintaining multi-tenant environments Namely Microsoft 365, Azure, Intune, Defender, Entura, Exchange, and Teams to ensure fluidity and ease of transition in work processes.

Network Design

Network Design as well as Implementation OnPrem Tech has the expertise to design and implement a network that meets your business needs. This includes selecting the proper hardware and software, setting up servers, and configuring networks for optimal performance.

IT Service Desk

We provide adaptable SLAs tailored to meet our clients' specific needs, including adjustments in time zone coverage, pricing structures, support channels, helpdesk team size, and technical capabilities. Utilizing Onprem Tech's expert helpdesk professionals to supplement your in-house IT services enhances both your operational efficiency and your financial results.

Emergency Fix

Businesses cannot tolerate downtime of IT networks, servers, laptops, and other network equipment. OnPrem Tech delivers prompt onsite IT support to quickly restore your systems and minimize disruptions. Our services include technology upgrades, replacements, and emergency break/fix solutions, ensuring your infrastructure remains operational and your business stays on track.

Per Our Managed IT Services Houston division " Cyber Criminals Never Sleep, and They're After Your Data!"

In the shadows, cybercriminals tirelessly plot to undermine your company’s financial health. Your employees stand as the first—and often most vulnerable—barrier against these relentless assaults on your digital integrity. The stark reality is, that human error remains a predominant gateway for cyber intrusions that threaten businesses throughout Houston, TX, and beyond.

All it takes is one misplaced click on a phishing link, one careless download of a corrupted file by an unsuspecting employee, and your entire IT infrastructure could be at the mercy of these digital marauders. Such simple missteps can grant these criminals the keys to your network and cloud data, exposing your business to catastrophic risks.

OnPrem Tech is your sentinel in the Houston Managed IT Services area, offering premier IT services designed to shield your technological assets. Our solutions encompass managed IT support, IT consulting, email security services, and more. We invite you to experience the OnPrem Tech difference and fortify your defenses against the plotting of the cyber darkweb.

Business Areas We Cater To

Engineering Firms

Professional Medical offices

Corporate Conference Rooms


Legal/Law Firms

construction Firms

Presentation Technology

Meetings are an essential component of any organization, and with remote and distributed teams becoming more commonplace, effective communication is critical—even when team members are not physically together. The use of conference room technology has become indispensable for facilitating such meetings. However, this technology often fails to perform as reliably as businesses require.
To address these technical challenges, having an onprem tech is vital. Onprem techs can quickly resolve hardware and software issues, ensuring minimal downtime and maintaining the productivity of meetings. They are also crucial for performing regular maintenance and updates, which helps prevent many common technical problems. Furthermore, onprem tech’s can provide immediate assistance and training to staff, enhancing the overall usability and efficiency of your conference room technology. This hands-on support is essential to bridge the gap between digital communication needs and functional, reliable tech infrastructure.